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This Accounting firm’s focus on expertise has generated them an additional $700,000 in fees in just one year. Here’s how they did it.

Joe and Charlie (yes their real names!) from Jebran and Abraham had just become joint partners of Charlie’s firm. Both CPA’s have a strong background in franchising from prior businesses and they decided to focus on this target market as one of their avenues of growing their firm.

In September 2020 they had 9 team members and were doing $1.8M in annual fees at that stage.

With a goal to grow they had no process of how to grow and figure or to achieve goals. The goals they wanted were:

  • A better partner life, 
  • A better life for their team 
  • Just a better firm in general 
  • Grow our franchise clients

In this video case study Charlie tells us “With the size of what we were doing, we were growing, but we didn’t really know why we were growing or how to grow to get that client that would just really make a difference to us and make life easier.”

Earlier in 2020 Joe and Charlie asked two of their successful accounting clients why they had business coaches. And both responded that they needed to be held accountable, they had people below them and no one to challenge them.

This was the trigger for them to call me and set in motion the changes need to grow their firm and achieve their goals

Through following the structure from coaching they are now over $3M in revenue with 12 team members (including a marketing person). 


  • Their team are getting bonuses
  • Fees have been increased by 10% – 20% with no pushback
  • Recurring revenue is in place
  • Charlie is writing a book
  • They got rid of their smaller 1040s to become more efficient

They have mainly grown the business by focussing on workflow, getting rid of smaller clients and using their expertise in the Franchise business to gain more clients. And being held accountable to achieving goals.

Watch the full case study here.



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