The results for the 2023 Accountants Benchmark Report are in!

After collecting and assessing firms numbers from across the USA and Canada we have got some very interesting findings that will benefit your firm immensely.

In this report we will be sharing with you ;

  • why the median profit result is $412K per Partner – the best was $3.1M
  • all the main KPIs to measure with actual numbers
  • why some firms are less profitable than others
  • how many hours Partners actually work
  • how to get the hours down while increasing profit
  • the real success drives for growing firms
  • how your firm can make changes to achieve better results
  • where you sit against the benchmarks

This is the first Accountants benchmark report to be released this year.


accountants benchmark
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Rob Nixon

Hi, I’m Rob Nixon. I’ve been working exclusively on the Accounting profession since 1994. The first benchmarking report I wrote was in 2001 in Australia with 105 firms submitting data. Since then over 2,000 firms have participated in various financial benchmarking studies. Over the years the metrics have been more relevant and the insights and commentary have evolved. I am excited to do a very different, impactful and exciting report for the North American market. We’re capping attendance at 500 firms split between the USA and Canada. I hope you can join us.

Rob Nixon