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What People Think
About Profitable Partners

I started working with Rob about 90 days ago back in July, and this quarter was our best quarter ever and we’re on track to have our best year ever.

John Neal

The Neal Group LLC

We’ve been working with Rob for only about 90 days and we just had a record quarter, basically 5 times profit from last quarter, so we’re really excited – gotta keep working, we have high expectations.
Karl Grimmett

Lunsford Peck

I joined Rob’s group last June/July. This is our…starting to go into our 2nd quarter and killed it with the results just by implementing his program and went from, for example, $101,000 in profit last year to $196,000 last quarter, so rock on!
Paula Field

Paula Field CPA

Case Studies

Paar Melis in Maryland, USA was already a good firms when I started coaching them in 2018. Back then they had $3.3M in revenue with a 44% profit. Now that have $5.5M in revenue with a 60% profit – before Partners salaries. The 2 Partners (Jason Paar and Reed Melis) did a combined 12 tax

Paar Melis

“Noack and Company were a husband and wife firm with $700K in revenue and $70K in profit when we started coaching them. In 2 years they have more than doubled the revenue to $1.5M with a $600K profit. As Tim says = we fly first instead of coach now! They have implemented so much and they are now ready for the next phase of $5M in profit with $8M of revenue”.

Noack and Company

KWB in Edmonton, Canada were a solid 3 Partner, $2.5M firm with flat growth for 4 years. After 2 years of coaching they have increased revenue by 72% (now $4.3M) and improved profit by 50%. The have implemented about 50% of the strategies I coached then on and they still grew by 72%


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