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Case Studies

KWB in Edmonton, Canada were a solid 3 Partner, $2.5M firm with flat growth for 4 years. After 2 years of coaching they have increased revenue by 72% (now $4.3M) and improved profit by 50%. The have implemented about 50% of the strategies I coached then on and they still grew by 72%

KWB Case Study

Kevin Bassett from Bassett & Co in North Carolina was already a solid 18 year old firm when we started a coaching relationship 2 years ago. He had $2M in revenue and a 33% profit. Fast forward 2 years and he is at $2.6M in revenue with a 40% profit. Kevin talks about creating generational wealth through his accounting firm. Not just having a good income and lifestyle but creating real wealth. His firm has changed and is poised for massive growth.

Kevin Bassett

Gordon Holley

We share the coaching journey with a Florida based classic general services accounting firm with a really good client base, great team and great market. However they were not as profitable as they should have been. Over three years working with Profitable Partners they learnt to leverage the client base, get back their lives (Partner time) and dramatically improve all areas of the business. Watch the case study here to see how this firm changed their business through the Profitable Partners coaching framework and tools.

Sadowski Case Study

Welcome to a special interview in the clubhouse with Bob Gauvreau from Gauvreau and Associates, a Canadian Accounting firm, where we recap our 10 year journey together. Bob started his business in 2008 and in 2010 started a search looking at how he could become proactive and how I could get ahead of the curve instead of just dealing in the compliance world. Bob joined my workflow challenge, which monitored lockup work in progress accounts receivable days, turnaround time over 90 days and by the end of it was getting workflow out the door within 10 days. When he started with me his revenue was 1.2M and has now tripled to $3M. Find out in this interview what strategies Bob put in place to grow the business without acquisition.

Bob Gauvreau

Ray Taggart, sole partner at Taggart Partners and I first met 10 years ago at an event I was running; Supercharge your accounting firm. Back then he had 3 employees and had revenue of $500K. He was on the tools a lot and needed to grow his firm and spend less hours working in the business and more time ON the business. Joining my coaching group led to an extrapolation of his business where the profit is now in the million plus range. Watch this special interview to hear how he did this, and how he got the team motivated to grow the business revenue and profits. And why setting rewards for yourself and your team are important. Plus why having the profit time index is a very important KPI for yourself as an accounting partner.

Taggart & Partners

What People Think
About Profitable Partners

I started working with Rob about 90 days ago back in July, and this quarter was our best quarter ever and we’re on track to have our best year ever.

John Neal

The Neal Group LLC

We’ve been working with Rob for only about 90 days and we just had a record quarter, basically 5 times profit from last quarter, so we’re really excited – gotta keep working, we have high expectations.

Karl Grimmett

Lunsford Peck

I joined Rob’s group last June/July. This is our…starting to go into our 2nd quarter and killed it with the results just by implementing his program and went from, for example, $101,000 in profit last year to $196,000 last quarter, so rock on!

Paula Field

Paula Field CPA

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