Helping Accountants All
Over The World Do 3 Things:

  • Increase profit to over $1M per Partner after tax
  • Decrease Partner client hours to less than 500 per year
  • Build a more sustainable Accounting Business

In the first 12 months the average results of the firms we coach are…


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Here are some free resources I prepared to show you just how committed I am to helping you succeed.


Accounting Business Coaching Australia
The Wealthy Accountant: Earn More Than $1M Profit While Working Less Than 500 Hours

A step-by-step ‘playbook’ to build substantial wealth through your accounting business.


Accounting Business Coaching Australia
The Accountant's Strategy Roadmap

40 key strategies to build more profit and more time into your accounting firm


Accountants Benchmark Report 2024

Navigating the 2024 Accounting Landscape: key trends, strategies, and essential metrics to help overcome firm challenges and transform your business and lifestyle.


Accounting Business Coaching Australia
A Guide to Service Menu & Pricing Strategies

Take the guess work out of your service offering and the price you charge.

Accounting Business Coaching Australia

Stop Wasting Time and
on Trial and Error

The Boardroom program, led by Rob Nixon, is a high-performance coaching group for growing your Accounting business faster and more profitably with the help of Rob and other high-level Boardroom community members. Learn accounting firm management practices that maximize your profits.

Think about it: You’re out there every day growing your business by testing new strategies, trying new software, and making new connections—but imagine if you could get the benefit without all of the time and effort. In the Boardroom program, you don’t just benefit from your work, you benefit from everybody’s work.

Let’s take the guesswork out of the equation so you can get your accounting firm to where you want it to be faster. My team and I will help you come up with an easy-to-implement blueprint for long-term growth and success.

To Grow A Wildly Successful Firm
You Need…


It all starts with a strong growth mindset. You need to be 100% committed to taking your firm to the next level. Dedicating yourself to flawless accounting practice management can yield big dividends.


You need to understand that your success is in your hands, so you need to put in the work if you want to see results.


The last piece of the puzzle is a solid growth strategy (with detailed implementation ‘how to’) so you don’t waste time and money doing trial-and-error.

…and my team and I can help you build all three.

Our Accounting Coach Reviews Show The Results You Can Expect

If you’re wondering if we can actually help you make your accounting business more profitable, just take a look at the numbers our clients typically see.

Average results in the first year of coaching, according to our accounting coach reviews

Results you can expect

coaching program

We started coaching them in 2018 when they had 1 Partner, 9 team members and $1.6M revenue with a 36% profit margin. At the time of recording in 2020 – 1 Partner, 20 team members and $3M in revenue. Now in 2023 – 1 Partner, 65 team members and $10M in revenue.

Bob Gauvreau

coaching program

We started coaching them in 2019 when they had 3 Partners, 12 team members and $2.2M revenue with a 42% profit margin. At the time of recording in 2022 – 3 Partners, 13 team members and $3.6M in revenue and 55% profit margin. Now in 2023 – 3 Partners, 17 team members and $5M in revenue with a 55% profit margin.

Sadowski Case Study

coaching program

We started coaching them in 2018 when they had 1 Partner, 6 team members and $656K revenue with a 41% profit margin. At the time of recording in 2021 – 1 Partner, 20 team members and $3.1M in revenue. Now in 2023 – 1 Partner, 25 team members and $4.5M in revenue.

Gordon Holley

How We Do It

We get our clients stellar results through our high-performance coaching group called the Boardroom. It’s designed to help you grow your accounting business faster and more profitably with my help and other high-level Boardroom community members.

The Boardroom Is Not for Everyone

You need to satisfy three important conditions to qualify.

You Must Already Be
Running A Great Firm.

The Boardroom is designed exclusively for established accounting firms already with Revenue of at least $1M annually (or equivalent) but want to take things to the next level. Unless you have a corporate model, you need to have no more than 5 aligned Partners.

You Must Be
Willing To Be Coached

If you’re not ready to drop (not everything) what you think you know about running a successful Accounting business and see things from an entirely different perspective, then Boardroom is not for you.

You Must Be Ambitious

We focus on both the time and the money of the Accounting business. You must have some lofty goals for both working less and earning more. Our objective is to help Partners get to more than $1M profit (after tax) while they are working less than 500 client delivery hours. If you’re happy with the status quo and just looking for a ‘few tweaks’ then this is not for you. You may need to commit to an entirely new accounting practice workflow management.

I’ve Personally Helped
Over 600 Accounting Firms Make
Over $1BN in Profit

And I can do it for your Accounting business too. Take a look at these videos
from some of our Boardroom members to hear for yourself the impact
Boardroom has on their businesses (and their lives!)

Ready to Apply?

Simply click on the Apply Now button below and fill out the application form. We will then review your application and come back to you very quickly if we are going to the next step.

The next step after your application will be a 1:1 Zoom call with me and all of your shareholders or leadership team. I’ll have more questions for you so I can get a ‘feel’ for your firm and if you’re a great fit for the other firms I am working with.

Once we both agree that it’s going to work, you’ll sign up and we’ll get started when there is a vacancy.

Accounting Business Coaching Australia
Accounting Business Coaching Australia

If you do get in…

Here Is Our Promise To You.

My team and I will help you supercharge your profits and grow your accounting business—all while cutting the time you spend working with clients.. We’re so confident in our program, in fact, that we’re offering a 5X money-back guarantee.

Yes, you read that right. Each year you are coached by us if you do not make at least 5X extra (based on what we charge you) in profit (provided you do the work) we will give your annual investment back. That guarantee has been in place since 2009 and we have not needed to refund once!