21 years. Hundreds of accounting firms. Six countries.

Learning, Implementing and experiencing first hand and real life results of Rob Nixon’s methodologies undoubtedly led me here...

This is my 24th year working with the Accounting Profession. Working both in and with Accounting Businesses through this time. I’ve worked in 4 Accounting Firms over 14 years. I’ve engaged with the following roles: Director of First Impressions, Client Excellence Coordinator, Administration Manager, Fulfillment Manager, Bookkeeper, TaxPreparation Specialist, Business Development Manager and Business Manager.

Of those 4 firms, 2 were engaged in Rob Nixon’s coaching and training programs and 2 were not.

Since 2014 I have been working in the Accounting Profession as a coach both employed and self employed. In that time I have worked with 100’s of Accounting Firms and their teams across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and the United States of America.

I’ve hosted thousands of 1:1 coaching sessions; delivered hundreds of group coaching sessions; held hundreds of content based webinars, facilitated 10, 2 day Business Planning events; hosted a 1 day teams event for more than 150 people; Delivered several speaking engagements; Presented team development days and client development workshops; and worked privately in house on specialized workflow process implementations over 12 week periods with Directors and their teams.

My coaching programs, processes and knowledge has been shared with and training delivered to other coaches in the UK, Finland, Sweden and USA to deliver the same great work to their clients.

My absolute favorite topics for discussion are Planning, Marketing Content, Customer Service Excellence, Team Development and Workflow Solutions.


When you work with
me, you know you’re in
good hands.

My career highlights include:
  • Leading, developing, and delivering an online group coaching model in 2016 that included six weekly online group coaching sessions and 1:1 momentum calls and contacts for accounting firms in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK
  • Being invited to to create and deliver a tailored one-day live training and planning event to 154 team members of 18 accounting firms in Sweden, covering business best practices, goal setting, and leadership
  • Hosting and delivering live two-day business planning workshops all over Australia, in London, UK and Helsinki, Finland
  • Preparing, hosting, delivering, and presenting hundreds of webinars, speaking engagements, and events
  • Being a part of forward thinking, progressive, and high-performing teams in organizations

With my speaking, writing, and Profitable Partners Boardroom program, my intention is to show you how you can be a trusted advisor and change lives.


It’s all about knowing your business as if it’s my own and then coming up with practical solutions to make it significantly more profitable.

I love to be inspired, and inspire.

I love working with every member of each client’s team when they are engaged in our coaching and development programs. My goal is to share as much knowledge and expertise as possible with them during our time together.

I am in my absolute element and most dynamic when I am understanding your business, learning about your challenges, and helping you come up with practical solutions that will help you supercharge your profits while working less.

I will help you identify what you truly want, figure out how to get it, and how to make a massive difference to your life and the lives of the people around you in the process.

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