Clinton Fonseca

“We’re going to close this year at $4 million with 15 people”

From 3 partners, 18 people and $2M in revenue to now 3 Partners , 15 people and $4M in revenue. We’ve been with Rob Nixon and Wendy Miller since June Of 2019 and when we started with the group, we were around $2 million in revenue and had 18 people. What was interesting was right off the bat, Rob did a capacity study on our firm and told us we had capacity to do about $4 million of revenue. We were going like, “No, we don’t think this is so. ” But we said, “Okay, well, we’re going to close this year at 4 million with 15 people,” when we were doing 2 million and 18 people when we first got into the group.

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