This accounting firm only works 4 days a week

This classic general services firm that they felt was built as a Ferrari (long list of clients, good team, 33 years in business) but they were driving it like a Volkswagen Beetle.

In 2019 they had 16 team members and were generating $2.2M annually. Since I met them in 2019 they have doubled their revenue in 3 years – without working any harder, or increasing their team size.

What’s important to them is that they don’t work any weekends and neither do their team – even in tax season.


Over the last three years they have flattened their tax work across the year so there is no longer a “busy season” and they have removed all of their non profitable clients. 

They focussed on improving their workflow so that turn-around time is 10 days or less and their “tax work is beautiful”. Have you ever heard anyone say that about tax time?

No one in their firm is allowed to use the word “busy season or “tax” season as they are now running everything smoothly throughout the year without having peaks and valleys.

The result: the team no longer work Fridays in June, July and August. 
They are motivated to get more done, more efficiently, better serve the clients, better serve themselves and gain back more personal time.


Sadowski achieved this growth without increasing the headcount because they fixed the workflow to gain more efficiency and increased the fees and services to existing clients.

Clinton (a partner) has dropped his client hours by 50% and is down to 500 client hours per year now. He uses the remaining time to focus on growing the business and client service. A win-win for all.

Growing an accounting firm like this is simple when following our process. To see the full  interview with Sadowski and Co and what they did to achieve these changes please check it out here.

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Rob Nixon

Profitable Partners

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