Adding Value to what you are doing

I have been telling Accountants to Add Value since I started working with Accountant in May 1994.

If you are going to remain relevant to are going to have to add value.

Here’s the thing. If an Accountant ‘see’s’ an issue or opportunity in the client details then they obliged to tell the client.  The problem is most Accountants are ‘store blind’ and are not focused on seeing ways to really help clients.

Here are some quick thoughts on how you can add value to what you are doing:

  1. Offer free phone calls/emails and meetings all year
  2. Conduct a Business Performance Review every year with every client
  3. Conduct a ‘finding opportunities’ brainstorming exercise on every client every year
  4. Create a closed networking group on one of the social media platforms and connect your clients
  5. Visit every client 2 times per year (free) to see how you can help
  6. Call every client 4 times per year (free) to touch base and see how they are going
  7. Run client advisory boards to get feedback from clients on how you can improve
  8. Run seminars and workshops and teach the clients something new

I came up with that list in 5 minutes! Ask your team what else you can do and create your ‘adding value list’.

The reality is that if you are just going to process the minimum work (to satisfy the government departments) then in the future a computer or cheaper labour will do it.

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