Office or home?

Nowadays, more and more employees are having to work remotely. COVID aside, employees now don’t need to waste time commuting and can use their time during the day better. Companies all around the world have seen this trend and many of them hop on it. 

And the offshore world is no different. 

When building an offshore team, it’s important to think about where the new team members are going to work from. 

On one hand, you might be interested in having them all work from one dedicated offshore office. This is convenient, especially for a larger team. Fewer distractions, more reliable Internet speed, and (often) an easier exchange of information. 

But, having a team that works remotely comes with some great benefits too.

First, you don’t have to pay for the offshore office space. If all your employees work remotely, it’s their job to organize a workplace. And, quite often, they do it in a way that best suits their needs. 

This can have a positive impact on their productivity. 

What’s more, this allows you to pick specialists from more than one location. In fact, you could work with people from all around the world. This gives you access to a much bigger talent pool than any single location can provide. 

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that their Internet connection is reliable. Moreover, sometimes working from home can be distracting so not all specialists can do that effectively. 

Alternatively, if all you need is just a few employees, you can hire all in the same location. After that, transition from remote cooperation to regular meetings and a full-time office. 

The latter allows you to “test” if remote cooperation is even for you. And it doesn’t need such a big budget, at least compared to choosing the office route right from the start.

Then there’s another solution – seat leasing. For a fixed monthly fee, companies share their office with other businesses. They provide the office, the chair, the PC ,the phone and they handle basic HR and payroll.

Making the choice might not be easy. 


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