It’s all about the culture

It’s all about the culture


Most Accounting firms culture just happens. It just happens the way it is. It is like a “culture by default” where in fact you can create “culture by design”. You can decide what you want your culture to be.

Partner Remuneration

How much should a partner of a multi partner accounting firm be paid? Should it be equal pay because you have equal shareholding? If it is going to be equal…

Marketing is not sales – #firmofnow

Accountants are not very good at marketing – marketing people are. My definition of marketing is ‘salesmanship multiplied’. My definition of sales is ‘finding out what the other person needs…

Life long learning

Success Tips
I get to meet many people who say they are ‘life long learners’. Yet upon closer inspection they are not really exercising their muscle between the ears. I find most…