Wealthy Accountant Book


“The Wealthy Accountant: How Accountants Can Earn
More Than $1M PROFIT While Working Less Than 500 Hours”

Here’s your step-by-step ‘playbook’ to build substantial wealth through your accounting business. Use it to not only survive during this pandemic but well-and-truly thrive.

FIX day-to-day operations to free up cashflow and become more profitable;

MINIMIZE time leaks so your throughput skyrockets and you create capacity without recruiting more people;

SCALE your business to whatever size you want – predictably;

LEAD your team and your firm to greatness so that all of your goals are achieved.

This book is about owners of Accounting firms working less and making more. Creating wealth through your Accounting firm. Becoming your version of “The Wealthy Accountant”.

As a Partner / Owner / Shareholder of an Accounting business you should be making at least $1M profit per Partner (after tax) per year while working less than 500 client hours. The methods in this book share a more modern approach about building a different style of Accounting business.

As you implement the ideas you will be adding tremendous value to your clients and building an amazing Accounting business for yourself. A business that is Fulfilling, Fun and Fruitful.

The 3 F’s of a successful Accounting business. As well as creating real wealth for you and your family. The strategies in the book have all been implemented by an Accounting firm somewhere. The stories are all real. And everything works.