From $220,000 to Over $10 Million in Revenue - The Bob Gauvreau Story.

Single-partner firm uses the Rob Nixon Program to achieve 4445% revenue growth

How the Rob Nixon coaching program helped transform the Peterborough, Canada-based accounting business from generating $220K to over $10 million in revenue. While also guiding founder, Bob Gauvreau, to evolve as a strategic leader, shifting from a practice owner (grinding in the business) to an investor level (owner but not operator).


Founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Bob Gauvreau, launched his firm in 2008 with a mission to deliver tailored accounting, tax, and consulting solutions to clients across the Ottawa region.

From humble beginnings and an initial revenue of $220K, Bob set out to run a better business—one that provided him with more time, more enjoyment, and more money. He envisioned a business model that offered meaning, freedom, and an improved lifestyle for himself and his core team.


Operational Efficiency

The absence of processes or resources to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in workflows and processes, coupled with a lack of technology and automation to reduce manual tasks, hindered efficiency.

Marketing Execution

Challenges included difficulty in identifying target audiences, attracting new clients, and inconsistency in branding.

Team Building & Culture

Bob encountered difficulty in finding and retaining skilled accounting professionals, and fostering collaboration and communication within his team.


Bob optimized his business through a strategic focus on enhancing marketing execution, fostering effective team building, cultivating a vibrant company culture, and streamlining operational efficiency.

Working closely with Rob, Bob and his team refocused the role of a Leader – developed an operational plan, strategy, business vision, and implementation plan.

Workflow and client management transitioned to digital systems, maximizing operational visibility, reporting, and efficiency.

Hiring the right people, including a Marketing Manager. Enhanced the organizational structure, team performance and culture.

Maximized momentum around core team – introduced team engagement activities, meeting rhythms, innovation and performance incentives.

Bob focused on transitioning from operator to owner by effectively managing his time. He implemented a delegation system, the 30|60|10 model, and utilized assistants.

The Gauvreau Accounting team focused on improving eight critical areas of the business through coaching, tools, and implementation plans developed by the Profitable Partners team, known as the Accountants Operating System (AOS). This end-to-end solution helped Bob reduce personal time, increase profits, and build a more sustainable business.


Revenue Growth

In new yearly profit

Annual team growth

Business coaching results

Today, Bob proudly shares the remarkable achievements of his firm—a testament to the power of the Boardroom program.

With a team of 94 members and revenue surpassing $10 million, Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory stands as a shining example of what’s possible when dedication, mentorship, and strategic guidance converge.

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We’re now a 94 member firm, just over $10M and looking to make sure we continue to grow well beyond that with some lofty goals from here. But if you’re considering joining Boardroom, really, if you want to transform your business, if you want to grow to heights that you didn’t think were possible, if you wanted to understand things about the accounting world and how to run a business successfully beyond just doing a tax filing or accounting report, this is the program you need to join.

Bob Gauvreau
Founder of Gauvreau Accounting
Tax Law Advisory

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