Accounting Firm Strategy Map: the ultimate tool to build a business that works without you.

For accounting firms, creating new initiatives for new leads, cash flow and operational efficiency is a growing priority. The Strategy Map is a comprehensive tool designed to guide teams through a range of projects focused on driving key performance indicators. With an emphasis on revenue, profit, and cash, this asset offers a strategic framework for accounting practices to follow.

Provides a clear roadmap

The strategy map outlines projects to enhance different aspects of your business, paving the way for growth and success in accounting firms.

Diverse project selection

With over 400 strategies spanning lead generation, conversion rate optimization, retention, and cash flow management, businesses have numerous options to explore.

Continuous idea generation

By implementing a few projects each quarter, businesses maintain a steady flow of new initiatives, ensuring a continuous improvement cycle.

By prioritizing key metrics and providing a comprehensive array of strategies, this invaluable resource equips teams to engage in meaningful discussions, make informed decisions, and take actionable steps toward building a successful business.


The Strategy Map - Accounting Firm Strategies - Profitable Partners
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Rob Nixon

Hi, I’m Rob Nixon. I’ve been working exclusively on the Accounting profession since 1994. The first benchmarking report I wrote was in 2001 in Australia with 105 firms submitting data. Since then over 2,000 firms have participated in various financial benchmarking studies. Over the years the metrics have been more relevant and the insights and commentary have evolved. I am excited to do a very different, impactful and exciting report for the North American market. We’re capping attendance at 500 firms split between the USA and Canada. I hope you can join us.

Rob Nixon