Thank you for your interest in the Boardroom program.

Your application has been shared with our team to review suitability. As much as we’d like to take all applicants into the Boardroom, our coaching process is not for everyone.

If our suitability process determines that we’re unable to onboard you at this time, we understand that it may be disappointing. However, we believe in supporting your journey towards success. Here are some resources to help you set yourself up for success, and we hope to have the opportunity to work together in the future.

For us to really help you there are 3 non-negotiable criteria

  1. You have a good base to work with now. More than $1M in revenue (or equiv) and 5 or less Partners. If you’re over 5 Partners you will need to demonstrate a corporate structure.
  2. You are ambitious. We’re not interested in small ‘tweaks’ or small targets. We want to help you grow profitably so you can create real wealth out of your firm.
  3. You are coachable. Implementation is the key and we will assign resources to help you implement. If you don’t take on board the suggestions and implement them it’s a waste of everyone’s time and money. We’ll show you how to implement.

Here are some free resources we prepared to show you just how committed we are to helping you succeed.


Accounting Business Coaching Australia
The Wealthy Accountant

How accountants can earn more than $1M profit while working less than 500 hours.


Accounting Business Coaching Australia
Menu Of Services and Price List

The aim of this is take the guess work out of your service offering and the price you charge.


Generating Leads For Your
Accounting Business

Three things you need to successfully grow your accounting business.