Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

I want to ask you a few questions…

What industry do you work with?

What are the core services that you offer?

And do you offer them all or focus on just a small set?

You know what they say – A Jack of all trades is a master of none. And they’re right. Especially in the accounting world.

Think about all the new compliance rulings that affect different industries. Tax regulations, exemptions and deductions… of course it’s possible to tackle all that – especially if your team is big enough.

But what’s the point?

If you try to do everything, there’s no reason for clients to come to you. It’s hard to find a unique value proposition that you can offer them. Plus, there’s no point in trying to please everyone.

Instead of trying to do that, you should focus on the things that you’re already good at. That way you’ll attract clients who need you for your expertise.

Clients who you can wow time and time again.

And, most importantly, the type of clients who don’t mind paying premium fees for your knowledge.

Naturally, you’re already running a business. What to do once you realize that there are way too many things in your offer than you can (or want to) handle?

It’s simple. Start by making some cuts.

First, get rid of all the services that you really hate doing. If you don’t enjoy them, what’s the point in offering them in the first place? You’ll probably never master them anyway.

Next, start standardizing your operations. You see, when you offer too many services, it’s hard to keep the process at your accountancy standardized. This way of operating your business costs way too much money and time than it should.

After you are left with the exact services that you want to offer, it’s time to focus your message and marketing efforts on exactly those clients that are looking for them.

A-class clients who you want to work with and who are willing to pay you the money that you want to earn.

And, if you’re good at what you do, soon your clients might refer you to even more A-class clients.

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