From $1.2m To $3m In 2 Years Bob

My client and now friend Bob Gauvreau from Canada has grown his firm from $100K per month to $250K per month in the past 2 years. Without acquisitions – all organic growth through new products to his client base and marketing for new clients. He is growing faster during COVID than before.

He’s a sole owner and he intends to remain a sole owner as he goes to the next milestone of $10M in revenue.

In this short video interview he reveals what he has done to effectively triple revenue without tripling costs. It started with a workflow overhaul (where his goal was to get in and out in 10 days – which he still does) and now topline revenue growth through marketing and sales. As he said ‘he can’t keep up with the new leads’.

You can view the video here. If you fast forward to 6.02mins he starts talking about the exact strategies he has used to grow profitably.


P.S. I would love to help you get the same or better results.

If you’re over $1M in revenue now, 4 or less Partners, ambitious AND coachable then let’s meet (on Zoom) and see if I can help you exceed your goals. Book a 25 minute strategy session with me here.

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