Don’t Meet Your Clients Without This

In my previous post, I briefly discussed the reasons why every meeting needs a goal. But, while a goal gives you something to look forward to, there’s a lot more to successful client meetings than that.

For example, if you want to stay in control of the meeting, you need to have an agenda for it.

Without it, it’s easy to get lost. An agenda tells you what you’re going to talk about, when, and why.

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That way, instead of reacting to your client’s actions, you can stay proactive. Guide them through the meeting from start to finish.

Obviously, this approach benefits both sides.

Having an agenda allows you to stay organized and focused on delivering results. It helps you stay on track the entire time, without wasting your client’s time.

Plus, you can easily show your client what you do in a step-by-step manner. This reduces the risk of confusion.

So, how to prepare an agenda? Here’s what it should cover:

New topics
If possible, you can try breaking up your agenda into a framework of past, present, and future.

– Past. Open with it and cover what you already accomplished with clients. That way you set a timeline for the client and anchor the rest of the meeting with a demonstration of results.

– Present. Use this stage to ensure that you’re still on the same page. It’s also an excellent moment to show them that you’re actively solving their problems. Showing that you’re working on helping them reach their goals adds even more value to your service.

– Future. This is where you can add lots of value too. Use this stage to identify and discuss new opportunities.



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