Ambitious? So Is Your Perfect Business Partner

It’s Rob from Profitable Partners.

In a recent post, I touched on the subject of working with startups versus established businesses.

As you remember, established businesses are much better partners. Once secured, the probability that they stay with you for years is much higher. Startups come and go. Especially now, when everyone is an “entrepreneur”.

But not all established businesses make good partners.

If you want to grow, you should look for business owners just like you – ambitious and hungry for success. Why?

First of all, clients who lack ambition suffer from risk aversion. They are unwilling to take the risk when it matters. They’re afraid of change.

This tactic might work when the economy is strong and everyone is enjoying the easy growth. But, the market situation changes. And if they’re afraid to change with it, their competitors will do anything to take away their clients. One mistake and they’re gone.

Not to mention that risk-averse clients are among the most time-consuming people out there. And you don’t want to drag them behind you.

They’ll need you to give them a hand with every business move, and you’ll soon realize your time is better spent elsewhere.

The solution? Avoid them at all cost.

It may sound harsh but that’s the reality. We’re here to maximize your business potential.

Stable businesses owned by ambitious people who set clear goals and are not afraid to chase them?

That’s a different story – those people won’t let anything stop them from growing their already established business.

Which means securing them now will provide you with revenue for a long, long time.

Not to mention that they’re not afraid to invest their money in your premium services. Success-hungry business owners want the best for their business – and are willing to pay extra for that.

How much should you be charging?

Take a guess – or download the Menu of Services: A complete price guide for 429 Accounting Services

In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to ask me about your current clients – just send me an email.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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