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Accountants Benchmark Report – 2022

Have you ever wondered how you compare against others and what you need to do to improve?

Join up to 499 other firms in the most relevant, comprehensive, exciting and useful benchmarking report ever written about the North American Accounting profession.

PREREGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL as these 500 spots will fill quickly.

You’ll be submitting your data from 2021 that we will analyze, sort and then comment on. You will receive a customized comparison report (delivered in late April) on where you are compared in 35 categories or indicators. There will be statistical analysis and commentary on each one.

We’re limiting the participation to a maximum of 500 firms across the USA and Canada. We’ll be comparing you to firms of your size covering lower quartile, median and upper quartile results. You’ll see where you’re strong and where you can improve.

You’ll need to be $500K or more in revenue for 2021 to participate. Revenue ranges will be $500K – $1.5M, $1.5M – $4M, $4M to $10M and $10M plus.

Participating is free and all participating firms receive:

  1. Customized comparison analysis – you against the rest
  2. Full report with commentary / insights on each result
  3. Educational webinar series – how to improve each indicator

Pre-registration is open now and official data will be collected February 1- 15 2022.

Here is a summary on some of the insights - all based on firms your size:

Profit margins – $ and %

Revenue per person / partner

Growth rates

Average Hourly Rate – and why it’s so important.

Client types and fees per client

Technology usage & cloud adoption

Remote / Offshore team members

Productivity or Utilization

Cash flow management

Pricing & packaging – hourly, fixed, monthly recurring

Timesheets – to use or not to use

Marketing statistics

Sales statistics

Hi, I’m Rob Nixon. I’ve been working exclusively on the Accounting profession since 1994. The first benchmarking report I wrote was in 2001 in Australia with 105 firms submitting data. Since then over 2,000 firms have participated in various financial benchmarking studies. Over the years the metrics have been more relevant and the insights and commentary have evolved. I am excited to do a very different, impactful and exciting report for the North American market. We’re capping attendance at 500 firms split between the USA and Canada. I hope you can join us.

Rob Nixon